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A directory of shows that are available for schools to book, both educational shows and shows for fun and entertainment.

Magicians: School Magic Shows
Inspiring Theatre: Wizard Theatre
Fun History: Theatre Exchange
Maths Shows: Bubbly Maths
Puppet Shows: WishWorks
Science and Balloons: Balloonatic

School Magic Shows perform impressive and very funny magic shows for all ages from pre-school to Key Stage 2. Our marvellous magic shows are packed to the brim with conjuring, comedy and action, and there's absolutely tons of exciting audience participation as well.

Shows are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration and we can do either just the one show or a number of shows in one day. We perform our magic shows to educate, to tie in with a topic, as a treat for your class, school or year group. or just for fun!

We cover London, Surrey, Sussex and West Kent.

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A magician, from School Magic Shows, linking two bands of paper together by magic

Wizard Theatre has been touring to schools and theatres for over 20 years, nurturing, inspiring and putting a smile on children’s faces. The company produces high-quality thought-provoking drama and theatre.

From workshops on transition, drug awareness, developing pupil confidence and teacher training, to classic performances of plays like ‘The Wind in the Willows’, ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘The Adventures of Doctor Doolittle’ and hard-hitting drama like “I Love You Mum, I Promise I Won’t Die” by award winning writer Mark Wheeller.

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A poster for the play of Wind In The Willows. Mr Toad looks happy in his car.

Run by performers who adore history and love to make it fun, Theatre Exchange run workshops with theatrical exercises, play, discussions and reflection built-in to each, for a maximum of 40 children at a time.  We recommend the full two hour format of the workshops, but if you cannot accommodate the full two hours into the school day and still wish to book the workshop, then we are able to adapt the workshops to fit your requirements.

Theatre Exchange cover the South-East of the UK.

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A poster for Theatre Exchange, where children are participating in a school workshop

Bubbly Maths entertainers perform maths shows in schools across the UK engaging audiences using - and you're going to love this - magical soap bubbles and giant balloons! Using bubbles and balloons we discover the maths and science of bubbles and to explore the mathematical fundamentals of shape and measurement.

Bubbly Maths shows are highly visual. We have made maths fun for over 300,000 children and over 5,000 teachers on four continents since 2005.

We also do fun bubbly maths workshops for all ages of children from reception to year 7.

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Children are happily trapped within a cube made of balloons in a school maths show

WishWorks Puppet Shows have been delivering high quality educational shows, workshops and storytelling sessions since 1999. We are passionate about working in education and believe puppetry to be an excellent way of communicating complex issues and dry facts in a captivating, engaging, and pleasurable way

Our puppets are friendly and non-threatening and children can relate to them and their behaviour without distancing themselves emotionally from the characters.

Shows are all two handed, apart from story-telling. The shows are all theatre quality and we are happy to perform for a single class or to up to 300 students, Goldifox being particularly suitable for large audiences. Shows are from 30 - 50 minutes in duration. WishWorks are based in Lewes.

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A cloth puppet dragon opens it's mouth and is about to eat some puppet woodland animals

Balloons are fun, right? Well, if balloons are fun then that must mean that science is fun too! Becky Kitter’s Balloon Science Show is full of thrills and spills, pops and bangs and is highly interactive, working equally well with small and large audiences and school groups. This 45min balloon science extravaganza is perfect for primary school children of all ages.

This educational show showcases the science of physics, teaches the inner workings of atoms and molecules, demonstrates physical theory in action, and more – all with special balloons and other props.

Available in Hampshire and London

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A school science show where the presenter wears a hat made out of curly balloons. She is blowing up another round balloon.
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